I have a very simple use case and I’ve come to conclusion that it is not possible to use regular expression to achieve it.

I want to parse this string and get all numbers in it :

(string) "what is the largest number : 384, 90, 6, 15"

That is the best I can with regex:

(regexp) "what is the largest number : ((?:\d+, )+ \d+)"
(group1) "384, 90, 6, 15"

Then result have to be splitted manually. This it clearly not the best pattern matching I have ever seen.

The thing is if I reverse the first group by using a capturing group into a non-capturing group then this is the last captured group that I just can get it back:

(regexp) "what is the largest number : (?:(\d+), )+ \d"
(group 1) "6"
(group 2) "15"